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Why we have an Edge over others

We believe that our Firm has an edge above the rest. Our understanding and experience of legal climate of Tanzania and the Laws and procedure governing Regulatory authorities,corporate matters,employment,taxation and various other areas of relevance to regulatory authorities will give value to our clients’ legal service requirements. We have the right mix of expertise and capabilities to advice and support our Client in their various legal matters for the following reasons:

1. The Knowledge & Experience of the Firm

The Firm brings the assurance of dealing with one of Tanzania’s leading law practice with extensive knowledge. Our Firm is comprised of members who have an excellent grasp and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework.
We can draw our extensive manpower resources from within the Firm to
support the carrying out of this assignment.

2. The Quality & Experience of Individuals

Our proposed first-rate multidisciplinary team consists of highly experience experts in providing legal advisory services.There are no gaps in our knowledge
or experience.

3. Our Approach

At all times we aim at providing services,which are consistent with our clients’
commercial requirements and long term needs. We provide clear,immediate, concise and timely advice, which is directed at identifying the simplest and most cost-effective route to achieving our clients’ objectives.
We analyze our clients’ needs and develop methodologies that suit the environment in which they operate. In doing so we also help our clients take advantage of opportunity while protecting them from risk.

In order to ensure that our clients’ desires are fulfilled in a timely and orderly
fashion. The Firm is interlinked and associated with renowned consultants with experience in a wide range of practice areas, thus making it possible for the Firm to call upon their expertise in rendering well-rounded opinion to its

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