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Our Practice Areas

Regulatory Compliance

In this area of practice, we advise boards of directors,trustees & management teams in commercial banks, financial institutions, private companies, trust funds, religious institutions, non-governmental organizations.

Corporate & Commercial

The head to this department has a long standing reputation for his representation for major public and private companies and institutions on all aspects of corporate activities including privatization..

The Banking & Finance

We advise on all aspects of commercial banking and lending business. The Firm
supports borrowers,lenders,issuers,lead managers and trustees on debts,

Intellectual & Real Property

Bravehill Attorneys is one of the leading firms in the protection of intellectual
property rights. The Firms is actively involved in handling applications for
trademarks and patents..

Litigation & Dispute

The Firms handles a wide variety of domestic and international commercial
disputes relating toconstructions,defamation, employment, financialand corporate matters,insolvency,insurance etc.

Projects Consulting

The firms has the capabilities of representing government bodies, private companies, borrowers, insurance companies, investment and merchant banking firms, corporate lenders and venture capital investors..

We have an edge over others.

We believe that our Firm has an edge above the rest. Our understanding and experience of legal climate of Tanzania and the Laws and procedure governing Regulatory authorities,corporate matters,employment,taxation and various other areas of relevance to regulatory authorities will give value to our clients’ legal service requirements.

Who We Are

BraveHill Attorneys is one of the most respected and fast growing Law Firm in Tanzania. The Firm was founded in 2013 as an international Corporate, commercial and financial practice. The background experience of the firm’s members allows them to offer the best legal services in the country and abroad in all aspects of the law.

The Firm currently works with several other international Law Firms within the country and across borders. The Firm is composed of young, energetic, ambitious and well exposed team with strong diverse experiences which enables it to provide legal advice of the highest calibre in an industrial-focused manner. Read More >>

Why BraveHill

The Firm brings the assurance of dealing with one of Tanzania’s leading law practice with extensive knowledge. Our Firm is comprised of members who have an excellent grasp and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework.

Our proposed first-rate multidisciplinary team consists of highly experience experts in providing legal advisory services.There are no gaps in our knowledge or experience.

At all times we aim at providing services,which are consistent with our clients’ commercial requirements and long term needs. We provide clear,immediate, concise and timely advice, which is directed at identifying the simplest and most cost-effective route to achieving our clients’ objectives.

BraveHill Founders

Mr. Aliko H. Mwamanenge (Attorney & Principal Partner)

Mr. Aliko H. Mwamanenge
Attorney & Principal Partner
Cell: +255 655 432  014
Tel:  +255 22 2121 799
Email: alikoharry@bravehilltz.com

Mr. Ipilinga P. E. Panya (Attorney & Principal Partner)

Mr. Ipilinga P. E. Panya
Attorney & Principal Partner
Skype: mrpanyatz1
Tel: +255 22 2121 799
Email: panya@bravehilltz.com

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